Case Management System (Synchroteq)


Synchroteq - managing patient risk.

The management of patient risk encompasses a wide range of services including PALS, Complaints, Patient Safety, Risk Management, Serious Incidents or IG Incidents services.

The formation of ICBs resulted in staff learning and embracing the multitude of existing systems and processes, inherited from CCGs, around managing patient risk.

These typically include spreadsheets, e-mail systems and network drives for files and possibly local databases for recording and managing these key activities. In some cases there may be a legacy application, often designed for other purposes, which may no longer fully support the processes required by the ICB.

The array of systems and processes often results in data that is inconsistent and potentially disjointed such that consistent, accurate and timely reporting and management is difficult to achieve.

The Synchroteq system can support the many services run within an NHS organisation within a single system. The system can be tailored and configured to your needs and process for each service. It also ensures that all data is held in a single, secure and accessible location making all information available to the users on demand.

Bringing ICB Teams together

Synchroteq can support the process of bringing teams together across an ICB, under the umbrella of a single system.

What Services can Synchroteq Support?

Synchroteq supports the following services:

The Benefits of Synchroteq:

  • Select the modules required for your ICB
  • Modules can be added as required
  • Each module can be tailored to support the process.
  • “Places” (or localities) within ICBs are supported and recorded.
  • Role based user profiles, giving access to the modules and functions required
  • Economies of scale – one system to cover all modules.
  • Supports multi-factor authentication
  • State of the art secure hosting, back up and maintenance
  • Ability to amend configuration to meet changing needs
  • All data retained within the UK.
  • Offers savings when compared to other similar systems
  • Provides ability for user defined reports and ability to have defined reports for complex reporting formats and needs.
Why Choose Us?

Process for Setting Up a Module in Synchroteq:

A “module” is the name for the each system set up within Synchroteq to support the service.

  • Implementation Workshop
    • gather the key stakeholders in a meeting to review a base system
    • Determine changes required to support process and needs
    • Confirm the information that is required to set up the module on Synchroteq.
  • You will be given a specification document to sign off.
  • The module will then be built to your specification.
  • Team members will be given access in order to test the module.
  • All agreed changes identified in the review are implemented.
  • System goes live.
  • Improvements and changes after going live are included.

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