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Welcome to DeployNow SharePoint Solution

Are you ready to transform your business with the power of SharePoint? Look no further than DeployNow, your gateway to a professional starter SharePoint solution brought to you by Blueteq.

Why Choose DeployNow SharePoint?

At Blueteq, we understand the importance of efficiency and effectiveness in today’s fast-paced business landscape. With DeployNow SharePoint, we offer you a seamless and swift deployment process, ensuring that you can harness the full potential of SharePoint without any delay.

Benefits of DeployNow:

  1. 1. Professional Starter Solution: Get started with a robust SharePoint solution tailored to meet your business needs. DeployNow provides you with the essential tools and functionalities to kickstart your SharePoint journey. See our feature grid HERE

  2. 2. Swift Deployment: With DeployNow, there’s no waiting around. Our streamlined deployment process ensures that you can start utilizing SharePoint’s capabilities in no time. Say goodbye to long implementation periods and hello to instant productivity.

  3. 3. Training and Other Resources: DeployNow includes basic training, and access to online resources to help you and you team utilise the power of a Sharepoint Portal. Extra training is available too – click here for details.

Why Choose Us

What DeployNow Offers:

Ready to take your business to new heights? Experience the DeployNow advantage today and unlock the full potential of SharePoint with Blueteq Ltd by your side.

Professionally Designed Intranet Portal
Swift Deployment & Targetted Training
Product Support and Ongoing Support if Required
Tailored To Fit Your Industry Requirments

Blueteq supply extensive services to healthcare providers, but have helped many other businesses with 365 solutions within Finance, Construction, Manufacturing and Retail – we can help any company with their document management.

Blueteq DeployNow Features

DeployNow Solution
Blueteq DeployNow
Sharepoint Features
Blueteq DeployNow
Main Portal setup with up to 8 Team/Informational sites too.
Move and manage files between OneDrive and SharePoint
Basic training for you and your staff
Sync local copies of files or folders for offline viewing and editing on Mac or PC.
Access help and troubleshooting tools & videos,
Manage content in document libraries with versioning and access control.
Optional Data Transfer service to sync all your data with the new deployment
Share, organize, and track information with Microsoft Lists
1 month full support after deployment, and flexible ongoing support options available too.
Collaborate in the same file with real-time coauthoring and editing

*Sharepoint and the DeployNow solution requires a valid Microsoft 365 licence for each user that requires access – Blueteq are a Microsoft Parner, and can help you with your licencing requirements – Blueteq Microsoft Solutions

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