Individual Funding Request


Individual Funding Request (IFR)

Blueteq is delivering and enhancing IFR solutions that provide the flexibility and ease of use that the modern healthcare professional demands.

Manage and control budgets to ensure maximum value for money.
Add value and support to clinicians and patients.
Provide information to aid effective panel review of requests and implement and influence best practice.
Follows the Individual Funding Request Process

The Individual Funding Request (IFR) system is designed as a total solution to monitor requests from their inception from clinicians, through the panel stages to final invoice matching.

Paperless Solution

Traditionally these processes are managed via extensive paper and spreadsheet processes with an accompanying high level of e-mail traffic to support communication and document transfers. Typically, 50% of IFRs require some follow up action, requiring letters, e-mails and forms to be recorded against the patient placing further strain on resources.

Request History and Electronic Document Storage

The Blueteq IFR system provides a complete patient history storing and displaying all information and documentation in one place in a paperless environment. No filing is required and all vital data is immediately to hand. E-mails can be sent directly from the system, including attachments, to further facilitate processing.   The Blueteq IFR system means that you have complete visibility of all requests, their current status and value. All the communication and documents held on the system are available for subsequent review and the system provides a full patient history on a single screen with all associated documentation and notes immediately to hand.

Customised Reporting

A full range of reports are available on demand to help prioritise work-loads, ensure that all requests are processed in a timely manner and within the target timescales and all follow up actions are captured.

Why Choose Us?

Unique Benefits Summary:

Blueteq IFR Solution
  • Online submission by clinicians and GPs cuts down on inputting mistakes and missing data.
  • Patient History displays all information and documentation in one place in a paperless medium.
  • No filing required and all vital data is immediately available to hand.
  • An automated process to enable patients to be followed up in a timely manner.
  • Ensure use of PbRe drugs and LPPs is in line with NICE / locally commissioned criteria.
  • The automatic matching of invoices to requests is executed in minutes, saves up to a day in staff time for each invoice and is much more accurate.
  • Production of vital reports takes minutes instead of hours to produce.
  • Blueteq IFR system is available on demand.
  • No software to install and maintain locally.
  • No expensive initial licence fees and ongoing maintenance – a simple subscription basis.

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