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GP Federation Support

Blueteq are experts in both corporate and NHS environments, so are well placed to help with all the IT challenges GP Federations come up against.


Blueteq was founded with the express intention of developing solutions to organisations’ specific business needs. Unlike most software developers, Blueteq recognised that organisations simply want the system to support their processes, deliver the benefits they anticipated without costly resources to manage and maintain the application.

With over 25 years experience in both the public and private sectors Blueteq was founded in 2005 by the existing Directors, with the ethos and practice of providing “personalised IT solutions” combined with the highest level of customer service and care.

Blueteq recognised the widespread availability of high speed internet access, and has always specialised in the deployment, on-going development and support of a range of fast, web based applications providing secure and on demand solutions to business needs, which can be tailored to the exact needs of the client, as well as the development of new business-specific applications.

Data Centre Technology

Blueteq have always run their own data-centre server cloud, which is based within 5 minutes of their offices in Hampshire.

Investment in the data-centre means we have the latest technology to provide security, speed and scalability.

The Blueteq Datacentre Uses:

VMware Datacentre Virtualisation Products

Wazuh Data Security Platform

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